We have the solution to stranded assets & production constraints caused by electricity capacity issues and tightening emissions regulation faced by Shale Oil & Gas Operators.

Our self-sufficient power plants integrate a compliment of innovative clean energy technology’s, powered only by site-available fuel sources, to provide remote industrial operations a reliable, redundant and consistent stream of off-grid power.

The plants are completely stand alone and non-grid dependent systems utilizing solar, energy storage, waste fuels and proprietary electrical controls to distribute power your industrial mission-critical equipment.

Our plants employ smart micro-transmission methodologies for seamless replacement of deficient utility grid connection or other on-site reciprocating engine powered resources. Each plant is engineered to operate as a true "Clean Energy" solution under normal conditions and intended to serve loads of 50kW on up.

Our plants are designed to be completely self-sufficient through utilization of site-available fuel sources, self-healing transmission logic and remote systems monitoring. Thus, ensuring your operations and manpower achieve maximum potential.


The Central Power Core consists of two steel 20' ISO rail containers that house the power conversion, distribution and energy storage equipment. External to the containers are the ground-mounted PV solar array, inverter, and site-fueled backup generator.


Each plant utilizes a custom designed solar photo-voltaic (PV) DC power array comprised of high-efficiency Tier I panels mounted in two-high portrait orientation. The integrated DC-to-AC inversion equipment feeds the energy storage bank and central power distribution switchboard to supply the 480V AC electricity required for compatibility with the prime-mover, lift pump and compressor voltages. The sophisticated central power unit switchboard levels, ramps and harmonizes the solar array, backup storage, and electrical generator resources to eliminate fluctuations to AC powered equipment and additional operational loads.


1) The PV Solar Array becomes the primary electrical power source serving the industrial operations loads and charging the energy storage bank. In addition to the array supplying prime power to lift pumps and compressors, it also provides sufficient power during daylight hours to restore the energy storage bank to full capacity during each solar day.

2) Power from the Energy Storage Bank equipment is always ready and engineered for use in limited duration only during times to augment startup loads, smoothing generation mode transition and as a system backup for periods when the Solar Array and Site-Fueled Generator are non-operational

3) A Site-Fueled Generator is deployed for electrical supply early morning and evening periods. In the event there is limited solar irradiance available, such as cloudy days, the generator becomes the primary electrical source to power operations and recharge the energy storage bank.


Our installation and transition model minimizes interruption to existing operations, dramatically reducing costs associated with the adoption of new clean energy generation technology. Installation of the Central Power Core is limited to minimal concrete foundations/pads, and all external electrical interconnection wiring/cabling provided between the central power core, solar array, energy storage, site-fueled generator, and site operations equipment.

All system components are factory prefabricated and tested for full operation prior to arrival on site which greatly reduces the initial start-up timeframes. The system also utilizes variable frequency drives/motors (VDF) for operations pumps to ensure motor control efficiency.


The operation of the power plant and equipment drive motors is designed to be completely automated for unattended operation and remotely monitored for alarm states. We distribute service personnel as needed for setting and adjusting program inputs, drive set points and routine maintenance calls. Manual control is always available for maintenance and emergency situations.


  • ~ Co-Located Generation

  • ~ Smart Micro-Transmission

  • + VDF Driven Pumps

  • + Turn-Key Installation

  • + 24/7 Monitoring & Support